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Twiddle Dee Farm is owned by the Peterson Family.  It has been in the family for over a hundred years and is an NC Century Farm. The farm is also designated as a GreenTravel Destination and its woodlands are certified as a wildlife habitat.  The family works to make sure the farm is good for its animals, good for wildlife, good for its members, and also good for the family.  Our family shaped the farm such that it can add to the good health and well-being of the people who share its beauty and natural resources.  For that reason, visitors meander among the various paddocks, getting up close and personal with the livestock; wander along wooded trails enhanced by rustic and scenic gathering places adorned with unusual artwork; and relax in the gardens and Welcome Center with music, drink, and good treats.  And for those who want to make their trip to our farm last just a little bit longer, we offer the guest house -- a quaint, clean cottage all to themselves.

Our farm has no pretentions.  We are a simple working farm, with hard-working owners.  And we fully understand someone's need and desire to be out in nature on a farm that respects all of its inhabitants - both four-footed and two-footed and even those with no feet (hint: a particular reptile)!  That's one of the reasons we welcome the public to our farm.  If you fit this description, we welcome you to Twiddle Dee Farm.


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